Using Implements

Far East (Wu's) provides quality manicure sets in classy fashions that help you manicure effectively and elegantly. A manicure set usually consists of a combination of different personal care instruments designed for different personal care purposes. The following guidelines can help you choose the right instrument for particular purpose.

Using Implements Step 1

Step 1

Wash your hands (or feet) thoroughly with warm water to soften your nails and cuticle.

Using Implements Step 2

Step 2

Use a cuticle pusher to push back cuticles so that they can be trimmed away more easily. Round-headed pushers are used to push back cuticles on the surface of the nails, while the pointed ones are for cuticles at corner of the nails.

Using Implements Step 3

Step 3

Use a nail scissors or nail nipper to trim the hard nails (especially thumb and toe nails). Nail nippers are designed to transfer force effectively and are therefore ideal for dealing with hard nails because their short and curved blades give you more control in shaping your nails.

Using Implements Step 4

Step 4

Use a cuticle nipper and cuticle trimmer to remove cuticles on the surface of the nails pushed back with a cuticle pusher.

Using Implements Step 5

Step 5

Use a cuticle scissor to remove cuticles at nail corners. Cuticle scissors usually have slim blades that enable them to reach into nail corners more easily than a cuticle nipper does.

Using Implements Step 6

Step 6

Use a nail scraper to remove stains and dirt under the nail surfaces or at nail corners. Sharpened nail scrapers are for scraping away stains while unsharpened ones are for removing dirt.

Using Implements Step 7

Step 7

Use a nail file to smooth out nail edges and further fine tune their shape.

Using Implements Step 8

Step 8

Use a nail scrubber to scrub nail surfaces so that they become shiny again.

Using Implements Note


Keep a nail clipper in your handbag or pocket. Their compact size and multi-purpose design make them handy manicure implements to be carried around for immediate care fo your nail.